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Entry Full NameCountrySail NumberDesignEntry StatusQual
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51Torvald KlemNorwayNOR 47BritPOP!Confirmed1
52John MCKercharSouth AfricaRSA 73Cape CobraWaiting List1
53Gines RomeroSpainESP 174BritPOP!Confirmed1
54Miguel SalvadorSpainESP 15BritPOP!Confirmed2
55Eduard Bonifacio MingoSpainESP 41MX 14Confirmed3
56Claes BrunnhageSwedenSWE 98ChaseConfirmed1
57Thomas EnwallSwedenSWE 50AlfaConfirmed2
58Claus LindströmSwedenSWE 14AmoressConfirmed3
59Tom OlsonSwedenSWE 5BritPOP!Confirmed4
60Johan AmelnSwedenSWE 46BritPOP!Confirmed5
61Hans FunkeSwedenSWE 128AlfaConfirmed6
62Berndt PrahlSwedenSWE 141V8Confirmed7
63Burak SahbazTurkeyTUR 12Kantun SMXConfirmed1
64Robert WalshUnited KingdomGBR 25BritPOP!ConfirmedWC
65Brad GibsonUnited KingdomGBR 42POPConfirmed1
66Peter StolleryUnited KingdomGBR 39BritPOP!Confirmed2
67Tony EdwardsUnited KingdomGBR 75BritPOP!Confirmed3
68Graham BantockUnited KingdomGBR 95Fraktal 2Confirmed4
69Ken BinksUnited KingdomGBR 83BritPOP!Confirmed5
70Gregory KingUnited KingdomGBR 147BritPOP!Confirmed6
71Tony GuerrierUnited KingdomGBR 150V9Confirmed7
72John CleaveUnited KingdomGBR 0BritPOP!Confirmed8
73Vernon AppletonUnited KingdomGBR 136Goth (modified)Confirmed9
74Austin GuerrierUnited KingdomGBR 18BritPOP!Confirmed10
75John EbeyUnited States of AmericaUSA 193BritPOP!Confirmed1


The following Entry Status are valid:

Status Description
Stage 1 Allocated in Stage 1
Stage 2 Allocated in Stage 2
Waiting List Not acquired an entry and place on the waiting list.
Waiting Waiting for entry form and payment.
Waiting for Payment Authorized entry form received, payment not yet arrived.
Waiting for Entry Form Payment received, authorized entry form not yet arrived.
Confirmed Entry accepted.
You are an official competitor