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Entry Full NameCountrySail NumberDesignEntry StatusQual
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26Robert GrubisaCroatiaCRO 68Kantun SConfirmed6
27Mirko UkasCroatiaCRO 80Kantun SMXConfirmed7
28Vedran VesanovicCroatiaCRO 44BritPOP!Confirmed8
29Soren AndresenDenmarkDEN 93MojoConfirmed1
30Alexis CarreFranceFRA 73BritPOP!Confirmed1
31Marc AlaziaFranceFRA 188BritPOP!Confirmed2
32Patrice MonteroFranceFRA 38BritPOP!Confirmed3
33Laurent BourriquelFranceFRA 195BritPOP!Confirmed4
34Marc PomaredeFranceFRA 144Il était un petit navireConfirmed5
35Yannick RossignolFranceFRA 22Il était un petit navireConfirmed6
36Olivier CohenFranceFRA 100BritPOP!Confirmed7
37Eric DeravinFranceFRA 228Il était un petit navireConfirmed8
38Achille ChatinFranceFRA 16V8Confirmed9
39Arnaud ToureauFranceFRA 192BritPOP!Waiting List11
40Olivier WeissGermanyGER 293FusionConfirmed1
41Udo RopkeGermanyGER 111BritPOP!Confirmed2
42Carsten PosmikGermanyGER 7FraktalConfirmed3
43Kym DaubGermanyGER 40Lintel MMX'15Confirmed4
44Martin GrayIrelandIRL 183BritPOP!Confirmed1
45Maurizio MorbidelliItalyITA 52MX 16Confirmed1
46Okada YoshiakiJapanJPN 173Shuttle2Confirmed1
47Hirao MinaoJapanJPN 59Yoshiaki OkadaConfirmed2
48Takemoto TakahiroJapanJPN 19 Waiting List3
49Huub GillissenNetherlandsNED 99ChaseConfirmed1
50Ian VickersNew ZealandNZL 171V9Confirmed1


The following Entry Status are valid:

Status Description
Stage 1 Allocated in Stage 1
Stage 2 Allocated in Stage 2
Waiting List Not acquired an entry and place on the waiting list.
Waiting Waiting for entry form and payment.
Waiting for Payment Authorized entry form received, payment not yet arrived.
Waiting for Entry Form Payment received, authorized entry form not yet arrived.
Confirmed Entry accepted.
You are an official competitor